Vision Systems Presents its Smart Shading and Privacy Solutions

Vision Systems Presents its Smart Shading and Privacy Solutions

The world leader in dimmable systems Vision Systems will exhibit its Electronically Dimmable Windows (EDWs) including a curved multizone dimmable solution, a complete privacy solution, and a dimmable window with integrated transparent touch panel and mood lighting.

Vision Systems’ solutions meet the rigorous requirements of the yacht market in terms of customization and fit and finish. They offer greater comfort and ultimate design adapted to premium class boats.

These innovative systems make it possible to eliminate shades that clutter up the space, block the view and require regular maintenance. They also allow for a solar protection on windows where shades could not be installed.

Using SPD technology, Vision Systems’ EDWs are directly integrated into the glazing. They enable the passengers to instantly change the opacity of a window from transparent to dark, in order to regulate daylight, glare and heat while preserving the view, or for immediate privacy. They enhance visual and thermal comfort and create an open air feeling for a peaceful atmosphere.

Moreover, they automatically switch to their darkest possible state when unpowered, maximizing heat rejection, contributing to a reduction of air conditioning consumption, keeping the interior cooler and offering privacy.

An integrated IR barrier comes and strengthens heat blockage. These solutions also block more than 99.9% of harmful UV light (even in transparent state) to protect the occupants and to prevent the interior furnishing from fading.

The control is easy, directly on the window through a touch panel, with a control unit near the window, through a centralized control panel or tablet for master control, or automatically with integrated light or temperature sensors.

The in-house developed electronics are integrated which facilitates installation and retrofit and provides a reduction in maintenance costs compared with shades. These dimmable solutions can be incorporated into flat or curved surfaces, use plastic, glass or composite glass and tailor any shape of windows, in vertical or horizontal position. Vision Systems can supply complete customized systems including integrated information display, or composite frames and opening mechanisms produced in-house.

Among the products presented at the show is a multizone dimmable window. This elegant digital shade provides opacity control of a chosen zone directly on the window, for improved comfort and a more enjoyable time on the water. The sleek design of the solution conveys a modern high-end image allowing for differentiation.

Vision Systems will also exhibit a privacy solution dimming from transparent to opaque white or dark to control both daylight and privacy. This system automatically turns opaque dark when off to block out heat and to keep interior out of sight when in port.

Another solution shown at METS is a dimmable window with a transparent touch panel based on electroluminescent technology, and mood lighting to create different ambiences onboard.

Vision Systems’ EDWs offer unprecedented optical quality, reliability and competitiveness.

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