The 640 FLY is a game changer, once again offering solutions never before seen in this class

The 640 FLY is a game changer, once again offering solutions never before seen in this class

The 640 FLY is a game changer, once again offering solutions never before seen in this class

The 640 FLY is a game changer, once again offering solutions never before seen in this class
Apr 30, 2018

This Transformer Yacht has Revolutionized the Segment with its Innovative Approach to Layout and Space Distribution


Galeon Yacht  64 Fly - Bow View

The 640 FLY builds on the ground-breaking success of the 500 series to bring even more innovations to the flybridge luxury yacht segment. This transformer model follows a new design path to allow for bigger volume and better space distribution, all while maintaining the great exterior appearance Galeon models are known for.

Galeon Yacht  64 Fly - Cockpit

Outside, the aft cockpit dining area holds eight people who can enjoy an entertainment system with a flat screen TV sliding up from the kitchen top, all while protected from the elements by the electric aft sunshade. Further back, find the hydraulic bath platform capable of handling all water paraphernalia and a convenient access to a large skipper cabin.

Galeon Yacht  64 Fly - AFT View

The top deck is enlarged to offer a generous dining space, a full-sized bar and plenty of lounge space surrounding the steering console. The bow deck area can be approached by the revolutionary, electric front window entrance revealing two separate movable sofas with integrated foldable tables for sundeck purpose. Serve the area from a nearby wine bar to further impress your guests.

Galeon Yacht  64 Fly - Dining

Everyone’s favorite Beach Mode makes a welcome reappearance, fitted with six-meter-long balconies with partially glazed floors and a breakfast bar on both sides. Equip the cockpit area with a rotating sofa option with a 3,2m tender garage below to completely separate your yacht from the pack.

Galeon Yacht  64 Fly - Flybridge

Inside find extensive lounge and dinner areas with openable side windows next to the bar and steering station. Thanks to the innovatory, two-way stair system, a three full-beam cabin layout was made possible for extra privacy and comfort. A four-cabin layout is sure to please enlarged families and charter enthusiasts. Embrace the future of luxury yachts with the incredible Galeon 640 FLY!

Galeon Yacht  64 Fly - Flybridge

Facts and numbers:
Due to an innovative superstructure construction combining the use of fiberglass infusion technology with carbon fiber reinforcements we were able to achieve:
- A 30% increase in stiffness compared to traditional methods
- Weight decrease of 5% of yacht’s total mass which in turns improves performance, handling and fuel efficiency
- Unsupported top deck overhang with dimensions of 4 meters wide by 3 meters long
- Dimensions and weight of structural supports were decreased by 25% while maintaining full weight bearing capabilities
- An incredible 55% ratio of glass to fiberglass on the superstructure, a 15% improvement over the industry average

Galeon Yacht  64 Fly - Flybridge

Furthermore, the hardtop bimini on the top deck is a fully carbon construction with additional added befits of:
-A weight reduction of 28% compared to traditional fiberglass solutions, which due to its mounting height of over 6 meters above the water line multiplies its effect on stability and safety
-A greatly increased stiffness, with minimal flexing and vibrations achieved with only four support points

Galeon Yacht  64 Fly - Kitchen

Technical Data:
Length of the hull – 18,42m
Length overall – 20,80m
Beam of the hull – 4,96m
Beam overall – 5,00m (7,40m with balconies)
Draft max ( canoe body) -0,99m
Max height from water line – 7,54m
Crew limit – 15 person
Fuel tank capacity -2x1300L
Water tank capacity- 800L
Mass of light craft condition – 34250kg (Volvo Penta D13-1000) – 35500kg (MAN 1200)
Maximum load - 5500kg
Min engine power 2x662kW/900HP
Max engine power 2x895kW/1200HP

Galeon Yacht  64 Fly - Master Cabin

Galeon Yacht  64 Fly - Mid Deck

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