The 58th Genoa International Boat Show the Mediterranean’s Most Visited Event

The 58th Genoa International Boat Show the Mediterranean’s Most Visited Event

The 58th Genoa International Boat Show the Mediterranean’s Most Visited Event

The 58th Genoa International Boat Show the Mediterranean’s Most Visited Event
Aug 08, 2018


Closer to those arriving by airplane or train, more accessible to those arriving by car, more services for those wanting to experience the event to its fullest, more sea trials for enthusiasts, more glamour leading brands’ finest products, more foreign buyers thanks to our renewed partnership with the ITA (Italian Trade Agency). But above all, more boats and more exhibitors! 

The 58th Genoa International Boat Show organised by UCINA (the Italian Marine Industry Association) in Genoa from 20th to 25th September is a beacon for Europe and the Mediterranean’s entire leisure boating industry. An event which is unique in what it has to offer, allowing exhibitors to showcase the latest in shipyard construction, motors, electronics, accessories, tourism and other services, at a single indoor and outdoor context for displaying both at sea and on land. The International Boat Show is a must-see event for businesses and sea enthusiasts, a leading event in the global boating market and driving power behind the industry’s growth 360 days a year. 

Over the last few years, the boat show has evolved alongside the market’s developments, the Italian leisure boating industry’s trend remains positive for the third year running. A study conducted by the UCINA Research Office focused on 2018 predictions tells us that 69% of involved businesses, on the basis of their orders portfolio, declare they are experiencing a rise in sales volume. The domestic market continues to grow, boosted by the leasing sector which reported a 58% increase in contracts signed in 2017. Over the first 5 months of 2018, leasing contracts rose by 29% in value, compared to the same period of the previous year. The global and European scene is also experiencing an overall boost with regards to the boating industry, confirming the solidity of the positive trend. 

The market’s growth effect along with the investments put forward by the Italian Marine Industry Association confirm the International Boat Show as an international beacon. For the 2018 edition each represented industry segment’s identity has been developed in order to strengthen the event’s increasingly specialised nature. The layout will be four boat shows in one, each the end result of an accurate study and open dialogue with the exhibitors, offering dedicated services for each segment in an aim to achieve full representation.  

If historically the International Boat Show was a horizontal platform focused on product, now the event has become vertical, giving room to marine culture, education and experience for those who love the sea. Between 20th and 25th September, six days will be dedicated to the institutional conferences of Forum UCINA, workshops, sporting events and award ceremonies, alongside the “Sea Experience” activities where people will be able to try out the latest in water sports or take part in challenges and other events organised to entertain visitors.  

The 58th Genoa International Boat Show is also at the forefront in safeguarding the sea and its biodiversity. Tangible action taken to ensure environmental sustainability, capable of involving the energy of all stakeholders and putting notions of social responsibility into practice: it is with this concept in mind that, for quite a few years now, the International Boat Show’s organisers have started and still support a series of positive initiatives focused on respecting the environment, particularly on safeguarding the sea.  

This commitment is also aimed at obtaining the ISO 20121 International Certification – already achieved recently from the 2012 London Olympics and EXPO 2015. ISO 20121 is an international standard which certifies an event as sustainable from an environmental, economic and social standpoint throughout all its phases (conception, planning, management and realisation). 

Over the show’s six days many events will be hosted by the International Boat Show, focused on involving the greater public and raising awareness about the need to protect the environment and safeguard our seas. From environmental activities to 100% recyclable sails, all proposals are aimed at involving everyone who is in some way connected to the sea and who has the potential to actively contribute to the cause: institutions, enthusiasts, boating clubs, operators in the industry, volunteers, swimmers.  

Among these initiatives, the Italian Marine Industry Association – UCINA – is sponsoring the One Ocean Foundation, a project initiated by the Costa Smeralda Yacht Club, of which Mauro Pelaschier has been chosen as ambassador. The former Azzurra helmsman is sailing around Italy, stopping over at various locations in order to raise public awareness and that of sea enthusiasts about the issue of microplastics in the seas throughout the world. Having set sail in Trieste on 29th June, Pelaschier will dock in Genoa on 21st September and will be welcomed at the International Boat Show, taking part in the exhibitors’ soiree organised in partnership with the Italian Yacht Club, an UCINA partner. 

To further enrich the 58th edition of the Genoa International Boat Show, our partnership with this year’s main sponsors, Bentley (Official Car), Fastweb, VisionOttica e Afex.  

Last year, the 2017 edition saw 884 brands on display, 1,100 boats showcased at sea and on land and 148.228 visitors, an increase of 16.5% compared to the previous 2016 edition.

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