QIBS 2016 Announce Xtreme Marine Exhibitor for the Fourth Edition

QIBS 2016 Announce Xtreme Marine Exhibitor for the Fourth Edition

QIBS 2016 Announce Xtreme Marine Exhibitor for the Fourth Edition

QIBS 2016 Announce Xtreme Marine Exhibitor for the Fourth Edition
Dec 01, 2016

Xtreme Marine Doha

Established in August 1995, Xtreme Marine has become a well respected name throughout the marine industry. It prides itself on quality workmanship and attention to detail.

After many years in the industry working for different boat builders in varying capacities from marine fabrication and fitting in the early days to Production Manager of an International Boat Building yard in the early ‘90s, Peter Ellis decided to start his own business. Together, with his wife Natasha, they bought a small truck and converted the back into a mobile workshop. Their intention was to concentrate mainly on the repairs and maintenance side of the industry, which proved to be viable and a source of a comfortable income for the first few years.

After being approached to build an 8m catamaran for a local charter operator, the desire to build boats was re-ignited once again. While maintaining the repairs and maintenance side of the business they decided to break into the building market as well. Moving into small premises was the first step of many, which led to the acquisition of the biggest boat building facility at the Fishermen’s Wharf. Here, vessels can be moved in and out of the shed and directly into the water via the local Travel Lift.

The size of the shed also provides the ability to work on vessels in a controlled environment, enhancing the quality of work and minimizing costs to the client.

Now, with a full time staff of seven, no job is too big or too small. During construction of a vessel this number can rise to fifteen or more, depending on the build schedule they are working to.

Projects to date include runabouts and pleasure craft, large crayboats, charter boats, government vessels and workboats for the oil and gas industry. Along with rebuilds, re-powers and re-fits, Xtreme Marine has the capability to service most needs of the industry.

With over 28 years of experience, they are happy to work with you to design a vessel totally suited to the conditions required, and appreciate your input at all stages of construction.

With a professional, experienced and highly skilled workforce, Xtreme Marine offers specialised knowledge of custom built aluminium vessels from the design stage right through to launching.

Alternatively let them maintain your existing vessel, either way you will not be disappointed with their quality of workmanship – their honesty and integrity are guaranteed.

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