QIBS 2016 Announce Halul Boats Exhibitor for the Fourth Edition

QIBS 2016 Announce Halul Boats Exhibitor for the Fourth Edition

QIBS 2016 Announce Halul Boats Exhibitor for the Fourth Edition

QIBS 2016 Announce Halul Boats Exhibitor for the Fourth Edition
Dec 01, 2016

Halul Boat

Boating is a dynamic and elegant lifestyle – a style that brings together beauty and power.  The concept of having boats build in Qatar emerged from the mind of our beloved His Excellency Emir SHEIK TAMIM BIN HAMAD AL-THANI. 

 Thanks for his wonderful idea together with AHMAD MOHD AL-HITMI, were able to establish ourselves in the art of boat building. 

 This newly established boat building Halul Lil Quareb otherwise known as Halul Boats founded in August 2004 from its modest beginning as it is a compressive need today.   We are very much thankful to the collective efforts for the dedicated yacht designer and the other skilled worker who bring their vigorous dedication to their work together with the support of Ahmad Al-Hitmi. It was a success.

 Located at the 41st Street New Industrial Area with a total area of 10000 sq. meters consisting of an office, workshop, service sheds and covered installations for the production of power boats.

 Halul Boats had constructed a prototype with the specifications of 48ft 10ft beam weight of 7tons powered by 2x350hp Volvo diesel with a speed of 39 knots on March 2005, this 48ft boat was launched and was able to meet the quality performance and budget based on boat plan. With this success, the coast guard assign Halul Boats to design 32ft outboard powered and this was launched on October 2005. With this performance, Halul Boat was awarded to build 15 units of this type with additional 9 units of 36ft.  The company is now under negotiation with the coast guard to build a lookout barge of 140ft x 36ft. made of FRP (Fiberglass reinforcement plastic).

Our Vision:

 Halul Boat is envisioned to provide an outstanding services and globally competitive construction technologies and methods and providing exemplary performance in various construction industries.

Our Mission:

 “Sustainable and systematic construction management system and methods to completely attain high quality standards construction package”

 Our Objectives:

 Halul Boats has always been committed to quality and over the past few years, we have taken that commitment to quality and ingrained it into the fabric of our culture by putting consistent processes and disciplines in place.

 Although we build a customized hand built boat for every customer, our commitment to quality is designed to reduce any deviations from different people building your boat.

 Halul Boat is committed to manufacturing and delivering the highest quality boat in the towboat segment.  Our commitment to quality includes producing high quality products, on CUSTOMER FOCUSED, PERFORMANCE MINDED, and IMPROVEMENT DRIVEN. 

 Halul Boat quality management system identifies the following primary quality objectives commits us to a process that assures success in the achievement of each of them.  

  • Our goal is to build boat with the same quality and care as if it were being built our own family
  • We continuously strive to drive quality thinking, systems and processes, focus on continuous improvement, communicate our quality and objectives and provides training to our associates, all to build the best boat we can.
  • Our desire is to have quality permeate our company not just build quality in our product but also provide a quality work environment for employees who are dedicated to making Halul Boat better every day.
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