Meet the all New Dynamiq Yacht GTT 165

تعرّف على جديد يخت الداينميك جي تي تي 165 - اليخوت الأخبار
With the GTT 165, the latest and largest model in our range of next-generation superyachts, Dynamiq is proving again that the days of dull yachts are over. This 50m all-aluminium superyacht with exterior styling by Dobroserdov Design is fresh, sporty and filled with innovations to outperform its rivals.

The GTT 165 fast displacement hull was devised by Dutch hydrodynamic specialists Van Oossanen and is all about efficient performance. It is equipped with two underwater foils: an aft Hull Vane and a forward T-foil developed in association with US-based Naiad Dynamics, world leaders in motion control systems. As the yacht increases its speed, the foils lift the hull up, decreasing drag and increasing speed.

The resulting performance of the GTT 165 proves the ability of this innovative Monegasque brand to shake up the market. Powered by twin V8 MTU engines, only Dynamiq can offer a 50m yacht capable of 20 knots that is also capable of crossing the Atlantic at 17 knots. For those who want even more speed for faster transfers, a GTS version is available powered by more powerful engines that can top 25 knots. At an economical speed of 12 knots, both models have a remarkable range of no less than 4,000nm.

What is impressive is the way Dynamiq combines punchy and comfy. Thanks to the round bilge hull and sophisticated stabilisation system from Humphree, the GTT165 feels both smooth and powerful. With optional new-generation, flexible solar panels covering 55 sq/m and a Lithium-Ion battery pack, the GTT165 can stay at anchor in complete silence overnight with no generators running. Alternatively, it can provide a couple of hours ofbreakfast cruisingat a speed of 5-6 knots in zero-emission mode.

The yacht accommodates 12 guests and 9 crew members and comes in a 5-cabin (with a second master suite on the lower deck) or 6-cabin layout (if more party quests are coming aboard). A spacious glass-covered beach club in the transom houses a dedicated spa area that can be also fitted out as a gym. In addition to the ample lounging and socialising zone on the main deck aft, there is a huge sun deck of almost 20m in length with dining facilities for a full complement of guests, bar, cinema lounge with 75TV, and aft Jacuzzi with sunbathing area. Interestingly, the sun deck continues beyond the raised pilothouse with a generous lounging area forward and spectacular 360-degree views.

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Price and performance are the key factors here,says Sergei Dobroserdov, founder and CEO of Dynamiq.There are so many 50m yachts below 500GT available, but we asked ourselvesWhat can we bring to the market that makes more sense for our clients?The answer in simple terms is a slender hull with a long waterline that is much more efficient and more comfortable in motion than a short, wide one. So rather than maximising interior volume, together with the naval architects we analysed everything an owner wants or needs in terms of general arrangement and features. We arrived at a concept of 450GT including optional sky lounge that provides the motion comfort of a 55m yacht with a conventional flared bow. The GTT 165 is aimed at todays active owners who spend most of their time on deck in the open air and want to experience different destinations, or cross the Atlantic quickly and enjoy endless summers in the Med and Caribbean on a more manage very attractive starting price of24,400.000.
Our technical department is working hard to start construction later this year so that a forward-thinking owner can take delivery of this excitingly innovative yacht in time for the 2021 Med season. Of course, you can also create your custom GTT/GTS 165 yacht.

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