GENE MACHINE showcasing at the Miami Yacht Show

جين ماشين تقدم عرضاً في معرض ميامي لليخوت - اليخوت الأخبار

Amels Yacht 180 - Gene Machine

Amels Yacht 180 - Gene Machine

The AMELS-built Limited Editions superyacht GENE MACHINE will appear at the Miami Yacht Show from 15 to 19 February. The 55-metre AMELS 180 (180 ft) from the Dutch luxury yacht builders Limited Editions range will occupy the shows prime Island Gardens location Berth A1.
Sharing unforgettable moments and relishing the free spirit of yachting has made GENE MACHINE one of the worlds best known superyachts, but she has never actually attended a yacht show anywhere in the world.
Hosting GENE MACHINE in Miami is a fantastic opportunity to share the experience of owning an AMELS with our clients,says Rose Damen, AMELS Commercial Director.GENE MACHINE has an adventurous owner who has really made the most of his AMELS 180 to see amazing places in the world with his family.
In between her travels, GENE MACHINE has returned several times to the AMELS yard for the yachts 5 year special survey, service and owner-requested modifary to an earlier announcement, AMELS will not be hosting 83-metreHERE COMES THE SUN (272 ft), which has once again proven her ongoing popularity and will be on a private charter during the Miami Yacht Show.

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