Entertainment, Lighting Design and Cyber Security: Videoworks Reveals The Technologies On The 50M Wider Cecilia

كارباز غيت مارينا تطرح حوافز جديدة للرسو لعام 2019 - اليخوت الأخبار
– Videoworks has integrated the most sophisticated technologies for home entertainment and cybersecurity in one of the seasons most admired yachts
– The centralised systems and the audio system have been designed to take up very little room
– Videoworks is also behind the lighting design, creating customised solutions for every setting

Extreme customisation and super easy-to-use audio/video, domotics, entertainment, lighting and IT systems – these were Videoworkss guidelines when it installed the systems on the 50m Wider MY Cecilia, one of this seasons most admired yachts.

The use of domotics audio/video systems is now among the main requests made by owners and guests. Musthaves of system integration now include being able to look at a soccer match on a large screen with very high resolution, to listen to music with loudspeakers that faithfully reproduce pure sounds, give a party on board, manage lights, blinds, multi-media contentsand to browse the internet in a secure and reliable manner.

All systems are centralised on racks (which are entirely built, assembled and tested in the Videoworks workshop). The aim of this very specific choice was to avoid local elements, which translates into more room onboard – the TV, loudspeakers, AUX HDMI sockets, control mini iPads and recharging docks are the only local elements.

One of the challenges set by the shipyard and the designers was to obtain excellent sound quality without audio installations that take up too much room. Videoworks created a centralised AV system featuring Creston processors. The audio system uses top-of-the-range equipment, not only in the saloons but in the guest areas as well. The owners hall has built-in Sonance speakers and 5.1 surround system.

To allow owners and their guests to futhe external areas, Videoworks has chosen to install the James Loudspeaker marine-grade speakers, developed to endure in harsh environments. The Kaleidescape server for films and music is the best solution for cinema lovers who want to experience a big screen on their yacht as well. As superyachts are increasingly becoming places people work in, Videoworks has created a videoconference system in the main hall and in the owners office.

To protect the onboard network from IT attacks, Videoworks has installed Kerio Control, an all-in-one firewall, antivirus and bandwidth management system, protecting the onboard server with an Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) that monitors all incoming and outgoing communications. A web filter allows administrators to deny or limit access to internet sites, services and applications, protecting users and infrastructure by prohibiting access to harmful sites that could steal the users identitn to its capabilities as a new generation firewall, the device offers a Load Balancing function that guarantees high speed transmission for the most important data and an optimised Internet connection, distributing traffic via multiple links.

Videoworks did not just stop at technological integration on the Cecilia yacht – it also dealt with lighting design and light engineering. Crucial when designing this project was the decision to use various lighting elements, including some customised ones, selected according to the desired atmospheres and the kind of illumination requested by the owners.
One of the more unusual elements on the Cecilia is the mixture of lighting ceiling panels with different lenses that ensure full illumination of every part of the room. Day, Night and Soft settings can be selected to make every moment of life on board satisfying. For the exteriors, Videoworks has studiedype of illumination with elliptical lenses on the helipad platform and a system of lights for the sundecks glass panels, which make the yacht recognisable at night when anchored.

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Wider Cecilia Yacht
Wider Cecilia Yacht
Wider Cecilia Yacht
Wider Cecilia Yacht
Wider Cecilia Yacht
Wider Cecilia Yacht