Christian Grande Unveils Winning Secrets of Cranchi T36 Crossover Design

Christian Grande Unveils Winning Secrets of Cranchi T36 Crossover Design

Christian Grande Unveils Winning Secrets of Cranchi T36 Crossover Design

Christian Grande Unveils Winning Secrets of Cranchi T36 Crossover Design
Feb 01, 2019

“The interiors can count on style details, finishes and chromatic composition that are usually found only on larger vessels,” adds Christian Grande.  “The style logics are very modern and bring to mind worlds that are not just related to the sea. This is uncommon in the 1011 metre hull length range available in the market, in terms of style and volumes.”

Below deck, the night area is obtained with solutions that are surprising in a boat this size.  The Cranchi T36 Crossover has alternative configurations - two cabins and two bathrooms, or three cabins and one bathroom. In this way owners can choose what they need, without giving up on comfort, conviviality and the right amount of privacy.  

“Great” details  
The cockpit contains a comfortable seat and a piece of furniture with grill and basin. The large swim platform is very easy to access and it is just as easy to move to the bow, using the walkway that runs the full length of the boat unhindered. There is room for a sundeck in the bow. The hardtop can be used to transport bicycles and SUP, which increases the boat crossover character. The covered area of the cockpit, in addition to the steering area, also has a living room with a convertible sofa and a kitchen unit.  

On the main deck, the hard top large covered area is sheltered by the glass panels, which offer comfort and protection without shutting out natural light and external visibility. A glass sliding door seals off this area, making time on board pleasant at any latitude, even at the hottest time of the day (thanks to the air conditioning system) or in the coldest months. Even when the door is closed, there is still a perfect feeling of continuity with the surrounding environment. This feeling is increased when the doors are open, creating in this way a single convivial area. The cockpit (internal and external) develops on one level, with no stairs. Everything in the T36 Crossover keeps the promise of an immediate, easy and direct relationship with the sea.  

“This boat allows to fully enjoy large volumes in limited sizes,” explains Christian Grande. “It is all achieved by maintaining geometrical equilibrium and the balancing of shapes characterised by horizontal lines, which have made the profile lighter, winking at dynamism.”   

The design of the exteriors favours overhanging lines, both fore and aft, to increase living areas and for a greater dynamism and momentum.  

Horizontal lines that aim for dynamism
“I am very pleased with this award,” declares Christian Grande. “I believe the decision of the jury of experts from all over Europe was mainly driven by the transversal nature of this project. I designed the Cranchi T36 Crossover to stimulate the fantasies and wishes of owners in the Mediterranean and, at the same time, to meet the needs of owners who sail in cold climates such as those in northern Europe.”  

The Cranchi T36 Crossover, designed by Christian Grande, is the European Powerboat of the Year 2019 in the 35-45 feet category. This boat stands out for its concept, which combines the rationality of a trawler with the thrill of a cruiser. The performance and living space of this lively boat are amazing, considering that its hull length is less than 10 metres.

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