22 Of the Best Superyacht AFT Views

22 Of the Best Superyacht AFT Views - اليخوت الأخبار

The aggressively cool 86 metre yacht Seven Seas, was designed by Nuvolari Lenard and launched by Oceanco in 2010 for Steven Spielberg.
There are few yachts that pile on this many decks and still look sleek on the water. The keys are her monochrome paint job, curving sundeck superstructure and a mast with flared satellite dome supports. From the rear she has a sexy, faintly Asian aesthetic; from the side her lines are smooth, forceful and, well, shark-like.
A professional projection system, five metre by two metre screen and two rows of raked seating transform the main saloon into a movie theatre. Another projector throws an image on to the glass wall of the aft infinity pool, so guests can watch while they swim.

The superyacht everyone is talking aboutDilbar was built by Lrssen, and delivered to the Mediterranean in June 2016 for her debut season. This photograph was taken just off Porto Cervo, where the yacht joined the previous Dilbar, now known as Ona, another very big girl at 110 metres.
She is huge at 156 metres LOA, but its her gross tonnage thats really making headlines. At a reported 12,917GT, she is officially the biggest superyacht in the world in volume terms. Squint and you might just be able to spot the crew member on the bathing platform.
Exteriors by Espenino and an interior by Winch Design make her a yacht with some serious design pedigree. She also features the largest diesel electric set-up ever installed on a yacht”” src=”https://www.phoenicianboat.com/files/news_files/images/2016/October/22-Of-the-Best-Superyacht-AFT-Views/6IMZDg1iQBWThChxAMej_Ahimsa-super-yacht-aft-view-wide-1280×720.jpg” style=”width: 100%;” title=”Phoenicianboat.com” />
The superbly stylish 66 metre performance sloop Ahimsa (ex-Aglaia) was designed by Dubois Naval Architects, with interiors by Redman Whiteley Dixon and delivered by Dutch yard Vitters in 2012.
Her sleek, pared-back lines and clean deck make this yacht a beauty, but shes a demon on the water toocrew can hoist the mainsail in less than two minutes and tack in 30 seconds.
Ahimsas 83 metre mast is among the worlds tallest, but her Code 1 sail is the attention grabber. It features a painting by Norwegian artist Magne Furuholmen (also the keyboardist in A-ha), which, at 3,600 metres square, is one of the largest fabric paintings in existence.<"" src="https://www.phoenicianboat.com/files/news_files/images/2016/October/22-Of-the-Best-Superyacht-AFT-Views/9lruZMdQYihmO9SaeKm3_Kismet-superyacht-aft-view-tall-Guillaume-Plison-1260x1760.jpg" style="width: 100%;" title="Phoenicianboat.com" />
Built by Lrssen in Germany, Kismet is 95.2 metres and five decks of fantastical and highly personal design.
The aft decks become one big party loop: start in the main aft deck bar, move up to the bridge deck lounge and helipad, and then up again to the sundeck for a dip in the pool. And that still leaves two decks as a chill-out zone. She can host parties for 270 guests.
The owners ideas are woven through this highly collaborative and unusual project, from Espeninos height-disguising black mast and stainless steel flourishes, to Reymond Langtons interior box of delights, with a video wall, a piano, four fireplaces, spectacular atrium stairsplus a quiet exterior nook with a hangin”” src=”https://www.phoenicianboat.com/files/news_files/images/2016/October/22-Of-the-Best-Superyacht-AFT-Views/RHXti2EySL63GvOlnTaA_tankoa-super-yacht-suerte-aft-view-tall-1260×1760.jpg” style=”width: 100%;” title=”Phoenicianboat.com” />
The 69.3m debut yacht from Italian yard Tankoa Yachts, Suerte was designed by Francesco Paszkowski and Margherita Casprini, and launched in 2015.
Weary travellers arriving by tender can step directly into Suertes spectacular spa-like beach club. This sprawling space is extended with fold-out terraces and contains a hammam, massage tables and a sauna with its own window out on to the seascape.
On many yachts a beach club feels like an afterthought, awkwardly connected to the rest of the yacht and incoherent in dcor. On Suerte, this popular feature is where it should be, at the centre of the design, the showpiece at the end of a grand central staircase from the main deck lobbywith dcor to match its status.

The 85m motor yacht Ace was penned inside and out by Winch Design and launched in 2012 at Lrssens yard in Rendsburg, Germany.
The most striking features of this seriously big boat are massive, sculptural superstructure arches that sweep from foredeck to stern platform, topped with huge oval balconies. Cant see them here? No, but you can see the aft deck layout they usually conceal.
Those arches, in combination with the yachts 14.5m beam, allow for dramatic staircases that sweep up to the first three aft decks. They give an open, relaxed air to these exterior spaces but, thanks to Winchs unusual superstructure, they remain private-feeli”” src=”https://www.phoenicianboat.com/files/news_files/images/2016/October/22-Of-the-Best-Superyacht-AFT-Views/IQNVL3bGTr6hLfpKMXiw_Nov-Rear-View-Indian-Empress-1260×1760.jpg” style=”width: 100%;” title=”Phoenicianboat.com” />
The 72 metre Lrssen yacht Titania, launched as Apoise in 2006 and bought for34.75 million in 2010 by British entrepreneur John Caudwell, was given a very thorough refit and renamed at her native yard in 2012.
Her extensive refit tailored the boat to a modern, outdoor-loving lifestyleit went as far as lengthening the stern by 3.8 metres to accommodate a beach club with a sofa, bar and sauna.
Changes have been made holistically, with an eye to her Espenino-designed exterior lines, to avoid creating a Frankensteins monster of a boat. With the stern hatch closed you wouldnt know that this chic lounging area was hidden i”” src=”https://www.phoenicianboat.com/files/news_files/images/2016/October/22-Of-the-Best-Superyacht-AFT-Views/wnAilRtYRmmTi8hcgIV0_QUATTROELLE-aft-view-Klaus-Jordan-1260×1760.jpg” style=”width: 100%;” title=”Phoenicianboat.com” />
The 88 metre Quattroelle, launched by Lrssen in 2012, with exterior and interior design by Nuvolari Lenard.
This boat is all about massive exterior decksshe has a 13.8 metre beam. Her American owner adores cruising the Caribbean, so he wanted space to feel the breeze and watch the sun set.
Clever touches range from the techiea section of the big stern platform lowers into the seato the simple: aft exterior stairs on all five decks so guests can stay in that sun-dazed mood all day long. Later, they cool off in the bridge-deck infinity pool”” src=”https://www.phoenicianboat.com/files/news_files/images/2016/October/22-Of-the-Best-Superyacht-AFT-Views/A15DyTtSQnxTPIyueJxg_AlfaNero—rear-view-1260×1760.jpg” style=”width: 100%;” title=”Phoenicianboat.com” />
The 81.27 metre motor yacht Alfa Nero, with exteriors by Nuvolari Lenard and interiors by Alberto Pinto, launched in 2007. She was at the vanguard of a newY Generationof massive and technically spectacular boats from Oceanco, which positioned the yard firmly among the big boys of 80 metre-plus yacht building.
Think that low, sprawling aft deck and stern look cool now? In 2007 they were unlike anything yet built. Shes a trailblazer.
The floor of the 7 x 3.5 metre pool lifts hydraulically to deck level and turns the aft deck into a dance floor or helipad.
The Abeking & Rasmussen motor yacht RoMEA wasdelivered in June 2015. At 81.8 metres, shes one of the largest built by this German superyacht powerhouse, 50cm short of its 82.3 metre flagship Secret.
ROMEA is the sistership of the timeless superyacht Kibo. Like that boat, this curving Terence Disdale-designed craft is a lesson in eschewing fleeting trends to pen a classic.
Disdale abides by his own design commandments to keep his projects chic, practical and timelessthey come across here: stylishly sinuous lines, large outdoor spaces and a dearth of fashionable flourishes and fiddly bits that are hard to maintain.<"" src="https://www.phoenicianboat.com/files/news_files/images/2016/October/22-Of-the-Best-Superyacht-AFT-Views/IQNVL3bGTr6hLfpKMXiw_Nov-Rear-View-Indian-Empress-1260x1760.jpg" style="width: 100%;" title="Phoenicianboat.com" />
The 95 metre motor yacht Indian Empress (ex Al-Mirqab), with exteriors by Richard Hein and interiors by The A Group, launched by Oceanco in 2000. The vast yacht is fresh from an extensive refit.
Shes famous for the starry parties on her sprawling aft bridge deck. There are flowing rounds of seating, a marble bar and space to dance, with a DJ positioned on the sundeck above.
Refit with a light touch: out came the spa pool on the shaded upper deck and dated red upholstery on the bridge deck; in went a huge alfresco eating area and chic cream tones.

“” src=”https://www.phoenicianboat.com/files/news_files/images/2016/October/22-Of-the-Best-Superyacht-AFT-Views/UkNBrKbSbWDcc2RoA7Pc_portrait-Maryah-yacht-aft-Peter-Seyfferth-1260×1760.jpg” style=”width: 100%;” title=”Phoenicianboat.com” />
The 125 metre Maryah, penned inside and out by H2 Yacht Design, was built by Alpha Marine in Greece under owner management. Launched last year, she hit our list of the Top 200 Largest Yachts in the World at number 15, overtaking the 2010 launch from Lrssen, Katara, by six centimetres.
We like a good mystery. Maryah is ultra-private but what we do know about her is fascinating. The hull began life as a Russian research vessel, launched by the Polish Szczecinska yard in 1990. The rebuild yielded a stylish yacht with sweeping curves, accommodation for 54 guests, plus a cinema and helipad.
Sun, sea and splashing around: thats three aft decks, a sundeck, a beach club and a profusion of fold-down terraces.

The 66 metre motor yacht Ester III was launched this spring by Lrssen. She features an angular design by Espenino and ornateFrench classicalinterior styling by Reymond Langton.
Priorities.ino put a helipad and tender garage forward on the yacht so that arrivals and departures wouldnt break the spell back here, lounging by the water in seclusion and peace.
Exterior spaces have been planned as carefully as interiors, with protection from sun, wind, rain, heat and cold, a stunning bar up top and a large glass-backed pool on the mai”” src=”https://www.phoenicianboat.com/files/news_files/images/2016/October/22-Of-the-Best-Superyacht-AFT-Views/UpfTkqApTN6F5DTosQzq_portrait-okto-yacht-rearview-1260×1760.jpg” style=”width: 100%;” title=”Phoenicianboat.com” />
This is the curvaceous rear end of Okto, ISAs 66 metre steel and aluminium head-turner.
This platform could easily have taken another deck, but the designers have kept things coolwith the result that theres nothing else quite like it out there.
It takes skill to make 66 metres of yacht look like a low-slung sportsboat, but designers Andrea Vallicelli and Alberto Pinto, working closely with the owner, managed it. Were also promised stellar performance thanks to four months of tank testi”” src=”https://www.phoenicianboat.com/files/news_files/images/2016/October/22-Of-the-Best-Superyacht-AFT-Views/COfDx7nsTDCDB4t30fLO_portrait-axioma-yacht-aft-jeff-brown-1260×1760.jpg” style=”width: 100%;” title=”Phoenicianboat.com” />
The 72.5 metre behemoth, pictured here with her launch name Red Square, which was renamed Axioma, is the first boat from Turkish builder Dunya Yachtssold during her debut at the 2013 Monaco Yacht Show.
There is nothing as enticing as a perfect pool on a hot day and Axiomas stern lures you in with a window onto turquoise depths. Then theres the cinema, the double-height saloon…. She’s ideal for a yacht holiday, and Axioma is available for charter.
Retract the passerelle and the swim platform transforms from grand entrance into sprawling space for sunbathing, just a few steps from the sea and the pool. Decisions, decisions.”” src=”https://www.phoenicianboat.com/files/news_files/images/2016/October/22-Of-the-Best-Superyacht-AFT-Views/MYPhZRW1SzO89Fz1greY_portrait-luna-yacht-aft-1260×1760.jpg” style=”width: 100%;” title=”Phoenicianboat.com” />
Built for Roman Abramovich as a replacement for his explorer Le Grand Bleu, 115 metre Luna is the worlds second- largest expedition yacht. She was sold last year for more than130 million, making her one of the most expensive superyachts sold in 2014.
Luna may be hard as nailsbuilt to Ice Class at the German commercial yard Lloyd Werft in 2010but her graceful lines by Newcruise could still turn heads on the dock at Monaco.
Her main aft deck is vastabout a third of the yachts length overallbut when the weather cools the massive beach club provides a chic shelter with an o”” src=”https://www.phoenicianboat.com/files/news_files/images/2016/October/22-Of-the-Best-Superyacht-AFT-Views/rc9EiCpBRdOWSOF4x0QC_portrait-zefira-yacht-aft-1260×1760.jpg” style=”width: 100%;” title=”Phoenicianboat.com” />
This is the perfectly formed transom of the 50 metre sloop Zefira, winner of our Sailing Yacht of the Year award at 2011s World Superyacht Awards. She was built for Boat International OwnersClub members Paola and Salvatore Trifir(since sold), who brought together the dream duo of Ed Dubois and Rmi Tessier for the design.
Shes big but sleek, with long, clean lines and an uncluttered deck, making this carbon and aluminium yacht one of the coolest afloat. And shes fast: hitting 18-19 knots.
The minimal, pared-back exterior dovetails perfectly with the light and bright Rmi Tessier inter”” src=”https://www.phoenicianboat.com/files/news_files/images/2016/October/22-Of-the-Best-Superyacht-AFT-Views/gc0auTfVQaucFPfcOeMj_portrait-yacht-palladium-1260×1760.jpg” style=”width: 100%;” title=”Phoenicianboat.com” />
This 95 metre Blohm+Voss superyacht Palladium is utterly bespokefrom custom electronics to a throw-out-the-rule-book layout, the coolest of pools, and furniture that coils and flows its way through the interior.
The curving lines of Michael Leachs design are either space-age or 1970s, we cant decide which; in any case their undulating, organic forms meld beautifully with the seascape.
The central section of the 12 metre bathing platform lowers into the water and tilts forward to ease launch and retrieval of toys. The garage, meanwhile, holds two 10 metre Cougar tenders and so many toys that the stern sometimes looks like a Formula One pit.
The 85.6 metre superyacht launched as Cakewalk, now renamed Aquila, is the longest US-built yacht since the 1930sand the biggest yet in terms of volume. Launched in 2010 by Derecktor, she was designed externally by Tim Heywood, with Elizabeth Dalton taking care of the interior.
Size matters, right? With a huge 2,998 gross tonnage, she packs an awful lot into her LOA.
The vast tender garage means its toys galore, with Aquila holding a gorgeous Riva Cento and 55-knot Intrepid, shown here. Thats not forgetting the Yamaha WaveRunners, full scuba sets, SeaBobs, kayaks, bikes and all the kit for an amazing beach party.
The mighty Delta-built Invictus, with a name like a Hollywood blockbuster, towers above the water. Indeed, she looks much bigger than her 65.5 metre length would indicate.
This yacht is all about volumeat 1,945GT shes got gross tonnage to spare. This allowed the designers to create truly spectacular spaces on board, not least the amazing beach club.
The already spacious water-level lounging area is made larger still by a vast, fold-out bathing platform, and behind it all is a bar. Small wonder this is a popular spot on board. The garage beyond can hold two 8.35 metre tenders, including a gorgeous Comitti.
<"" src="https://www.phoenicianboat.com/files/news_files/images/2016/October/22-Of-the-Best-Superyacht-AFT-Views/OTw9UhfrQxC3SYgUF6Da_portrait-hemisphere-yacht-1260x1760.jpg" style="width: 100%;" title="Phoenicianboat.com" />
All hail Hemisphere; at 44.2 metres, the Pendennis boat is the biggest sailing catamaran in the world.
Have you studied that beam? From bulwark to bulwark, Hemisphere spans 16.6 metres, an incredible width given her length. That beam gives you huge expanses of glorious deck for doing, well, as little as humanly possible.
The main 8.2 metre Scorpion tender is housed in a space beneath the aft deck and is deployed through bomb bay doors. You read that right. The second tender sits in the starboard hull, a section of which hinges up to let the 4.5 metre Castoldi out.

Galactica Star is Heesens award-winning 65 metre extravaganza.
The whole stern is devoted to a palatial beach club, with tenders and toys relegated to a forward garage, giving designer Frank Laupman maximum space for his imagination.
The space is backed by cascading LED lights, while a skylight in the roof opens onto the pool on the main deck abovea feature that helped her pick up a World Superyacht Award in 2014.
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Credit to: Boat International