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Phoenician Boat Website was established as a result of the growing demand for Boats and Yachts in the Middle East and the Surrounding regions.
With the huge number of waterfront developments being built in the Middle East and the Mediterranean countries as well as Boats gaining popularity around the region, it comes as no surprise that the marine industry has witnessed an increase in demand.
High Net worth Individuals in the area now have the option of owning a Boat or Yacht of any type, size or price. As economies continue to boom, more and more people have achieved the levels of disposable income that enable them to indulge in leisure activities like boating and yachting.
As per our convictions; the Boat trade is not limited only to a local market; we established the Phoenician Boat to facilitate the trade process for all kinds of Boats & Yachts between the Middle East, the Mediterranean countries and the rest of the world.
This specialized website for Boats & Yachts trading is the first in the region in terms of the services it provides to buyer and seller, where each can communicate and join a growing network of boating & Yachting enthusiasts.
Today Phoenician Boat is playing a pivotal role in facilitating the maritime needs of the customer who wish to buy, sell and charter either a Boat or Yacht.


History & Culture

The company name is inspired by the Phoenician civilization that lived and sailed the Mediterranean coasts for over 9 millennia.
In order to preserve the legacy which was created by these tremendous Sailors, the idea came to us to use these same characters of the alphabet they had created for the company logo.
Using their renowned Cedar wood, the Phoenicians built trade ships that let them travel throughout the then known world.
Ancient Phoenician boatbuilding skills are not a lost art; in fact, they are still in use today. These ancient ships were quite spectacular. The rise of the Phoenicians shipbuilding and sea trade advanced them from meager fisherman to the traders of opulent cargoes of gold, jewels and royal-purple cloth. They became explorers of the ancient Mediterranean Sea and Oceans that are linked to it.
Shipbuilding and sea trade are woven throughout the Phoenicians long history, they helped shape many traits today’s Lebanese society are known for.
To honor their past, we chose a company logo that merges their civilization with the sea that became a part of them, body and soul.
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